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We make scratch-built miniature replicas of boats ranging from elegantly simple line models to those of exquisite detail. We create each of our models from start to finish, including research, drawing blueprints, woodwork, metalwork, upholstery, rigging, graphics, painting and finishing. We do not use kits or parts from any other sources.

We design and make every part of every model that we create.

John has been making models for 50 years; Nancy for 18 years. That experience means that we can make a replica of any boat if there is sufficient information available to us. When Naval Architect's drawings are unavailable, which is often the case, we take our own lines either by direct measurement of the boat or by using photogrammetric techniques. This might be the case if the boat is far from us or no longer exists. In fact, we specialize in making models of boats that have never been modeled before. Having made over 300 models, we have significant experience with Antique & Classic boats, Workboats, Pleasure craft and Historic vessels. In our work we have developed a significant library and database of related maritime information and contacts with many other experts in the field.

Our models are owned by people throughout the world in places including Sweden, Venezuela, New Zealand and Japan. Our customers range from people that want their boat on their mantel to Naval Architects and prominent corporations such as Universal Studios and Titan Maritime. We exhibit at shows throughout the country. Among them have been the "Concours d'Elegance" in Lake Tahoe, California, The Wooden Boat Magazine Shows in Maryland, Michigan and Connecticut, Antique and Classic Boat Society Shows in Mt. Dora, Florida; Clayton, New York; Redwing, Minnesota; Hampton, Virginia and our home base of St. Michaels, Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay. See our current Show Schedule below.

There is no single way to design, to construct, or to display a model. We have the experience and expertise to create a model in a variety of ways to suit your tastes and at any size. When we make a model of your boat it is a model of "your boat", not something similar. We take great pride in the quality of every model that we make and every one carries a serial number and our signatures.

We are artists, not manufacturers. Each of our models is a "one off".

As you can imagine, Model making, done in this way, takes time and patience. Every model, as with any full-sized boat, is different and requires differing types and amounts of work. Please bear in mind that to produce the highest quality of model for you, there is a time factor. We are fortunate to have a number of commissions in the works at all times. We've been told repeatedly that it's because our models are "worth the wait" due to their high quality. If you are thinking about having a really fine custom model made, please write or give us a call.

Other services that we provide include display cases and accessories, model restoration, line drawings and renderings, conversion of "paper" mechanical drawings to CAD, custom decal and custom parts making. We also have have presentation grade gift certificates available.

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Fundamentals of Model Boat Building

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